Evidence-based Stakeholder-generated Scenarios

Evidence-based stakeholder-generated scenarios: These are collaboratively developed by stakeholders in phase 2 of the policy development process. Different scenarios may be developed by distinct stakeholder groups. The groups may thereby communicate their opinions, views and expectations. The scenarios may be nested (i.e. extending earlier scenario views), may reflect alternative views and policy choices, or may even conflict with other scenarios. Input to the scenario can be the initial scenario as well as further background information of various kinds to which the stakeholders have access and on which they rely their scenario arguments on.


Maria A. Wimmer, Karol Furdik, Melanie Bicking, Marian Mach, Tomas Sabol, and Peter Butka. Open Collaboration in Policy Development: Concept and Architecture to integrate scenario development and formal policy modelling. In Yannis Charalabidis and Sotiris Koussouris, editors, Empowering Open and Collaborative Governance. Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 2012.

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