Actors along the Policy Development Process

In OCOPOMO, the actor groups are separated also along external and internal actors to a policy development process as follows:
1)    External actors are direct participants of the policy development process and users of the policy development support system, who are intentionally involved in policy creation. They have their own preferences, ideas, or proposals of how the newly created policy should look like.


2)    Internal actors provide methodological or technical support in the OCOPOMO collaborative policy development environment. The latter refer to system programmers and administrators, who are responsible for technical maintenance of the system and run the participation and simulation system.
The user roles in the OCOPOMO policy development process differ from each other and, therefore, have different needs of support in the policy process and through the ICT such as, for example, different knowledge of the existing policy, principles of policy formation, and technical background.


Actors can be grouped into


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