The OCOPOMO Project

OCOPOMO is developing and demonstrating a new "off the mainstream" bottom-up approach to policy modelling, combined with e-governance tools and techniques, and advanced ICT technologies. The OCOPOMO project created an ICT-based environment integrating lessons and practical techniques from complexity science, agent based social simulation, foresight scenario analysis and stakeholder participation. Policy issues which are high on the European political agenda will serve as a testbed for the applied approach to policy modelling.

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Here you find information for particular target groups:

Online tax forms by Imagezoo (by getty images, royalty free)

Policy Maker

Business compartment (creative commons)




Wireless Business Technology by Scott Quinn Photography (by getty images, royalty free)

Policy Stakeholder


Tutorial Video

A tutorial video has been published to briefly introduce the software tools that are used for OCOPOM...

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