OCOPOMO offers various resources of information about the project and its outcomes. Consult any of the following to get more details:
OCOPOMO is issuing newsletters on a regular basis (every 6 months). We invite you to stay tuned and consult our newsletters.
The videos briefly presents the objectives and activities of the OCOPOMO project and a brief demonstration of the tools involved.
The OCOPOMO consortium has developed a glossary which provides a common understanding of terms used in the project. The terms and definitions are extracted from the different deliverables and from scientific papers of the OCOPOMO consortium.
Presentations given at various occasions to present OCOPOMO and its specific approach (including files) ...
Public deliverables
Here you can find the public deliverables developed by the OCOPOMO consortium along the project runtime.
OCOPOMO publications
The OCOPOMO consortium has developed a considerable number of scientific publications. Here you can find the overall list of publications developed as well as the pdfs to those articles where copyright does not prevent publication on this site.
Software and models
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