Representation of tasks or actions in the policy case. Proactive actions are executed by actors and pursue an objective. Reactions have no actor defined. Each Action can have several inputs and several outputs represented by ActionInputOutput entities. ActionInputOutput represents an input or output of an action. An ActionInputOutput as output of one action can be used as input for another action. This way, behaviour of and interaction between actors are modelled. This construct also provides the basis for the rule-dependency graph in declarative agent-based modelling.


Scherer, Sabrina; Wimmer, Maria A. (2011): Consistent Conceptual Descriptions to Support Formal Policy Model Development: Metamodel and Approach. In: Wyner, Adam; Benn, Neil: Proceedings of the Workshop on Modelling Policy-making (MPM 2011) in conjunction with The 24th International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems (JURIX 2011). S. 23-28.

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