CCD Tool

The CCD Tool supports Facilitators and Policy Modellers in developing a stakeholder-accessible formalisation of a policy model and thereby ensuring and documenting the consistency via the CCD. It supports the following main functions: a) Creating, editing and saving a consistent conceptual description (CCD) for a policy case, b) Linking the concepts of a CCD with background documents and scenarios, and c) Creating formal policy models that can be further programmed in the Simulation Engine. The CCD Tool as part of the OCOPOMO ICT toolbox has a modular design with the following components:

  • Conceptual Description Tool: supports the creation, editing and storing of a CCD file (XML) which is representing the conceptual description of a policy case. The structure of the file is defined in the CCD metamodel.
  • Annotation Tool: is used to annotate and link relevant text phrases from background documents and stakeholder scenarios with relevant elements in a CCD file.
  • Transformation Tool (CCD2DRAMS Tool): supports (draft) source code generation from a CCD file for the Simulation Model in DRAMS. Thereby the CCD2DRAMS Tool supports traceability of simulation results by linking code fragments with entities of the underlying CCD file.
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