The Project

In this section, we provide general information about OCOPOMO, e.g. about its objectives and expected results.
The core objective of OCOPOMO is to demonstrate that, with appropriate ICT, the integration of formal policy modelling, scenario generation and open and widespread collaboration is not only possible but essential at all levels of policy formation whether local, regional, national or global.
Expected Results
The benefits and expected added value of OCOPOMO are, on the one hand, the implementation and proof of concept of an integrated ICT toolbox to support complex socio-economic policy making, ready-made to be deployed in similar policy domains without further large efforts of implementation. On the other hand, governments and policy operators benefit from the OCOPOMO solution by being able to involve stakeholders and have a toolbox to master complexity better in developing their strategic policies through an integrated e-governance toolbox.
Work Packages
OCOPOMO is is a highly multidisciplinary project. It addresses on the one hand the part of policy development and policy modelling, supported with narrative scenario generation. On the other hand, the technological part cares about ICT design and implementation to support policy modelling and open collaboration.
Leaflet and poster
1st OCOPOMO poster and leaflet
OCOPOMO is enabling policy stakeholders to bring precision and clarity to their arguments and to understand those of other stakeholder groups.
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