Karol Furdik, Peter Butka, and Marian Mach (2011)

Architecture Design of a System for Collaborative Policy Modelling

In: MeTTeG11. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Methodologies, Technologies and Tools Enabling e-Government, vol. 5, pp. 147-163, Camerino, Italy, University of Camerino, HALLEY informatica s.r.l.. MeTTeG.

The paper describes an architecture of the software platform for collaborative policy modelling, which was designed within the FP7 ICT project OCOPOMO. This approach combines the method of narrative scenarios, collaboratively created and modified by involved stakeholders, with agent-based simulation models that allow investigating possible policy alternatives. After specifying the scope and context of the proposed system, suitable technology frameworks are identified and the platform architecture is designed as a structure of data elements and functional components.
policy modelling, open collaboration, Scenario building
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