Peter Butka, Karol Furdik, Marian Mach, and Tomas Sabol (2011)

The OCOPOMO Project: A Toolkit Supporting the Open Collaboration for Policy Modelling

In: Znalosti (Knowledge) 2011. Proceedings of the 10th annual conference., vol. 10, pp. 309-312, Ostrava, Czech Republic, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Znalosti.

The paper describes the FP7 ICT OCOPOMO project aimed at development of a software platform supporting collaborative policy modelling. After a short introduction of basic facts on the project, principles and key concepts of collaborative policy modelling are outlined and the adopted approach together with the envisioned functionality is described. Finally, a design of high-level architecture of the OCOPOMO system modules and inner software components are presented.
policy modelling
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