Peter Butka, Marian Mach, Karol Furdik, and Jan Genci (2011)

Design of a System Architecture for Support of Collaborative Policy Modelling Processes

In: Proceedings of SACI 2011, 6th IEEE International Symposium on Applied Computational Intelligence and Informatics, pp. 193-198, Red Hook, NY, USA, Óbuda University, Hungary, IEEE, Curran Associates, Inc..

The paper describes a design of system architecture for support of collaborative policy modelling processes in electronic governance. The policy modelling processes, as complex and knowledge intensive activities, combine collaborative creation and analysis of narrative scenarios with agent-based simulation. The proposed architecture will support collaborative approach to the policy modelling (i.e. enhance the modelling processes by collective intelligence). A scope of the proposed system will be specified and platform architecture components, including some practical details regarding their implementation, will be described.
stakeholder involvement, open collaboration, Scenario building
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