Sabrina Scherer, Stefan Ventzke, and Maria Wimmer (2011)

Evaluation of Open Source Content Management Systems for E-Participation

In: Electronic Government and Electronic Participation. Joint Proceedings of Ongoing Research and Projects of IFIP EGOV and ePart 2011, vol. 37, pp. 408ff, Linz, Trauner.

Today, some e-participation offerings are implemented using standard software available, such as online forms or discussion forums or are based on con-tent management systems (CMS) and include further functionalities. CMS provide many of the functionalities used in e-participation systems. Deciding for a CMS is not an easy task. This paper proposes an evaluation framework, which provides support to select a CMS for an e-participation project and shows the differences between dif-ferent CMS. The analysis results show that the CMS do not differentiate considerably.
open collaboration