Karol Furdik, Tomas Sabol, and Viera Dulinova (2010)

Policy Modelling Supported by e-Participation ICT Tools

In: MeTTeG'10, Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Methodologies, Technologies and Tools Enabling e-Government, pp. 135-146, Olten, Switzerland, University of Applied Sciences, Northwestern Switzerland.

The paper presents an approach to collaborative policy modelling, as proposed in the FP7 ICT project OCOPOMO. Within this approach long-term strategic planning is supported by a combination of narrative scenarios, agentbased policy models, and e-Participation tools integrated in a single platform. The policy model for a given domain is created iteratively, in an active cooperation of various interest groups, including decision makers, analysts, experts, and the general public. Principles and key concepts of collaborative policy modelling are discussed in the paper. A high-level architecture of ICT tools and software components is described in this paper together with envisioned functionality of the platform. Finally, the overall approach is demonstrated on an example of pilot application focused on the development of a strategy for exploitation of renewable energy resources.
policy modelling
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