Peter Butka, Marian Mach, Tomas Sabol, and Karol Furdik (2010)

ICT-based Toolbox in OCOPOMO Project and Potential Methods for Integration

In: WIKT 2010 Proceedings, 5th Workshop on Intelligent and Knowledge oriented Technologies, pp. 121-124, Bratislava, Slovakia, Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences.

This paper describes solutions for integration of a SW platform in the OCOPOMO project, where ICT is used for the support of policy modelling by a combination of narrative scenarios, agent-based modelling , and e-Participation tools (all integrated via an e-Governance platform). The policy model for a given domain is created iteratively using cooperation of several stakeholder groups (decision makers, analysts, representatives of companies, civic society organisations, etc.). The paper provides basic information about the project, high-level design of the SW platform architecture, overview of integration technologies and a short discussion of their possible use.
policy modelling
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