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The OCOPOMO consortium has developed a considerable number of scientific publications. Here you can find the overall list of publications developed as well as the pdfs to those articles where copyright does not prevent publication on this site.

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

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Scherer, S, Wimmer, MA, Lotzmann, U, Moss, S, and Pinotti, D (2015).
Evidence Based and Conceptual Model Driven Approach for Agent-Based Policy Modelling
Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (JASSS), 18(3).

Scherer, S, Wimmer, MA, and Markisic, S (2013).
Bridging narrative scenario texts and formal policy modeling through conceptual policy modeling
Artificial Intelligence and Law, 21(4):455-484.

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Provenance and Traceability in Agent-based Policy Simulation
In: Proceedings of 26th European Simulation and Modelling Conference - ESM'2012, October 22-24, 2012, FOM, Essen, Germany.

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Open Collaboration in Policy Development: Concept and Architecture to integrate scenario development and formal policy modelling
In: Empowering Open and Collaborative Governance, ed. by Charalabidis, Yannis and Koussouris, Sotiris, pp. 119-219, Springer Verlag, Berlin.

Wimmer, MA, Scherer, S, Moss, S, and Bicking, M (2012).
Method and Tools to Support Stakeholder Engagement in Policy Development. The OCOPOMO Project.
International Journal of Electronic Government Research (IJEGR), 8(3):98-119.

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The OCOPOMO Project: A Toolkit Supporting the Open Collaboration for Policy Modelling
In: Znalosti (Knowledge) 2011. Proceedings of the 10th annual conference., vol. 10, pp. 309-312, Ostrava, Czech Republic, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Znalosti.

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Design of a System Architecture for Support of Collaborative Policy Modelling Processes
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Architecture Design of a System for Collaborative Policy Modelling
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DRAMS - A Declarative Rule-based Agent Modelling System
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A Declarative Rule-Based Environment for Agent Modelling Systems
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Policy Modelling, Open Collaboration and The Future of eGovernance
In: Policy Modelling, Open Collaboration and The Future of eGovernance.

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Consistent Conceptual Descriptions to Support Formal Policy Model Development: Metamodel and Approach
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Evaluation of Open Source Content Management Systems for E-Participation
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Collaborative Scenario Building For Policy Modelling
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ICT-based Toolbox in OCOPOMO Project and Potential Methods for Integration
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