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The Centre for Complex Systems is an interdisciplinary research centre that specializes in applying complexity approach to understand social and behavioural processes and phenomena. The CCS is a division of the Institute for Social Studies (ISS) at the Warsaw University – a cross-discipline research and teaching institute, with strong ties to other research institutions in the world and an excellent record of scientific accomplishments. In the Centre for Complex Systems, since 1992, a multidisciplinary team has been developing theory, building models and conducting empirical investigations of social and psychological processes, but also topics in biological and natural sciences. Qualitative modelling and simulations of social and psychological phenomena such as social change, economic transitions, group dynamics or self structure, among others, have become trademarks of CCS scientific activities. The team has a lot of experience in social data gathering, visualization and analysis. Employing various methods, such as data mining, qualitative and quantitative analysis, network visualizations, experiments and archival data analysis we have been able to digest, comprehend and model vast amounts of data from different complex social systems – from national social surveys data through internet blogs up to mobile telecommunication networks.

Our team will mainly be involved in realization of the following work packages:

    * Requirements analysis (WP 1)
    * Policy modelling and scenario process design (WP 5)
    * Policy modelling and scenario process implementation (WP 6)
    * Integrating ICT models and scenarios in pilots (WP7)
    * Development of methodology, guidelines and user support (WP8)