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Scott Moss Associates

Scott Moss Associates (SMA) is a trading name of the Scott and Linda Moss Partnership.  SMA is the arm of the partnership concerned with research and research-based consultancy.  Scott Moss is a visiting professor in the University of Koblenz have been retired from the Centre for Policy Modelling in 2009.  He has published widely in the field of social simulation for more than 25 years -- well before the term "social simulation" was devised.  Linda Moss had a successful career as an official responsible for government cultural policies in the UK followed by an academic career.  Her research interests in social and public policy have cultural policy as a common thread and have been manifest by publications concerning health care arts, cultural policies in post-Soviet Russia, New Zealand and, more generally, cultural policy and management.  Melissa Nisbett has joined SMA for the OCOPOMO Project.  She is presently completing a PhD on international cultural policy and was previously a senior manager of a major art gallery.

Scott Moss is the Steering Board member responsible for policy modelling and the substantive development of the use cases in Kosice, Slovakia and the Campania Region of Italy.  SMA is the leader of Work Packages 5 and 6.