KSR - Košice Self-Governing Region

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Košice Self-Governing Region

Region of Košice lies in the south – east of Slovak republic and takes 13,8 % of its extent. The residential density of 114.1 people per 1 km2, on average, goes slightly above the national average. The districts with the highest density are found within the boundaries of the city of Košice. The urban settlements have 56.3 % of the population. It borders with Hungarian republic in the south, with Ukraine in the east, with region of Prešov in the north and with region of Banská Bystrica in the west.


Geographically is the Košice Self-Governing region relatively heterogeneous. The river Bodrog gathers water from lowland and leaves the territory of the Slovak Republic for Hungary at a location which is 94 meters above sea level, the lowest elevation in Slovakia. Four extensive nature protection areas are located on the territory of our region. The jewel among them is Slovenský raj- “Slovak Paradise”, which has been instituted as a national park in 1988. Its typical phenomena include deep canyons, waterfalls and calcareous surface formations. The rarity of this national park is Kláštorisko with remains of a medieval Carthusian monastery which were uncovered in 1974.



The capital of the Košice Self-Governing region is the city Košice. The settlements in the Košice basin belong to the oldest in Slovakia. The first written mention concerning the city Košice is from 1143. Thanks to position of Košice on the crossroads of important commercial routes the development of commerce and crafts has started. In 1347 the town received the same civic privileges as Buda. In 1369 Košice as the first town in Europe eas granted by the king Ludovicus the Great the right to use its own coat of arms. At present the town is the second largest town in the Slovak Republic.

The industry holds the key position in the economy of the Košice region. With its share of approximately 14 percent in the GDP of the Slovak Republic our region is the second biggest of all regions in Slovakia.


In districts of region over 45,3 thousand organizations acted next to determing, three – quarter big major abundance of individual entities up to 31.12.2002. Enterprise activities are concentrated mainly in branches of trade and services, industry and building industry and from regional aspect they are mainly in regional town Košice and in district of Michalovce. From this point of view the key position is held by US Steel Košice. Many other, mainly machine industry related companies have business ties with this steel production giant.


Most of academic, industrial and administrative R&D institutions are located in Košice, which is the second most important hub of educational and research establishments in Slovakia after Bratislava. 


Territory of the region: 6 752 km2

Population of the region: 769,969

Main cities in the region: Gelnica, Košice , Michalovce, Rožňava, Sobrance, Spišská Nová Ves and Trebišov

Main  sectors- clusters: Machine industry , Electrical and optical equipment, Wood industry, Food industry   

GDP per capita:  4 838 eur

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