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The OCOPOMO consortium is addressing the scientific community in several respects. In particular:

• E-government and e-participation researchers will be interested to the OCOPOMO Methodology for scenario generation, the concepts behind open collaboration of stakeholders and e-participations, as well as the policy analysis produced. The services for strategic planning are also of interest of this sub-group

• the OCOPOMO Methodology for policy modelling is of interest for Agent Based Modelling and social simulation researchers, and particularly the process of translating narrative scenarios into Consistent Conceptual description, as well as the policy modelling tools developed in the project, such as DRAMS (Declarative Rule-based Agent Modelling System) and CCD tool

• ICT developers and researchers will be interested in the features of the configurable modular integrated ICT toolbox, and particularly: Collaborative Scenario module, Conceptual Modelling module, Annotation module, Code Generation module, Simulation module (DRAMS), Information visualisation module.


Public material

The main expected outcome of OCOPOMO is the implementation and proof of concept of a configurable modular ICT toolbox to support complex socio-economic policy making
 at events and conferences, meetings, workshops, symposia, scientific and information “days”, either organized by other associations or by the promoters of the project in the field of e-government, policy modeling and issues related to ICT for decision-making, e.g. the DEXA, eGov Conference, Eastern eGov Days, e-Challenges
into workshops, seminars, summer schools…..
Here you can find the public deliverables developed by the OCOPOMO consortium along the project runtime.
The OCOPOMO consortium has developed a considerable number of scientific publications. Here you can find the overall list of publications developed as well as the pdfs to those articles where copyright does not prevent publication on this site.
The OCOPOMO consortium has developed a glossary which provides a common understanding of terms used in the project. The terms and definitions are extracted from the different deliverables and from scientific papers of the OCOPOMO consortium.
Report about Cross fertilization activities with similar European projects: 
e.g. report about interaction with researchers from similar projects
OCOPOMO is issuing newsletters on a regular basis (every 6 months). We invite you to stay tuned and consult our newsletters.
The video briefly presents the objectives and activities of the OCOPOMO project.
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