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The OCOPOMO consortium believes in the importance of making citizens and NGOs voice heard through e-participation tools. OCOPOMO represent a new transparent, open and easy collaborative way to contribute to policy making by using online tools. Decision makers are able thanks to OCOPOMO to shape policies collaboratively with stakeholders. This has also enhanced acceptance of public policies, deemed relevant to the needs of all those involved, and improved transparency, quality and traceability in policy making.


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Storyboard before and after OCOPOMO

Here are examples of how OCOPOMO can change decision-making (TBD) Real life story board of each pilot application showing the policy making case, its initial questions and problems, where and how the OCOPOMO process intervene and the advantages of the OCOPOMO tools.


OCOPOMO can foster e-participation and active citizenship

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The pilot applications

Making it happen in real life contexts




The video briefly presents the objectives and activities of the OCOPOMO project.



The main expected outcome of OCOPOMO is the implementation and proof of concept of a configurable modular ICT toolbox to support complex socio-economic policy making

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The OCOPOMO consortium has developed a glossary which provides a common understanding of terms used in the project. The terms and definitions are extracted from the different deliverables and from scientific papers of the OCOPOMO consortium.




OCOPOMO is issuing newsletters on a regular basis (every 6 months). We invite you to stay tuned and consult our newsletters.


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