Addressing London housing policy


Open house London by Damo 77-(creative commons)

The Greater London Authority (GLA) housing policy became an additional pilot experience in the OCOPOMO project, although this agency is not full partner in the project. The policy issues investigated relate to the London housing strategy. There is a wide range of stakeholders involved including the UK central government which provide some of the financing for housing development, NGOs with an interest in housing and homelessness and, most importantly, the 33 London boroughs, who are responsible to implement the London housing strategy. The GLA sets targets but has no authority to impose those targets on the boroughs. The targets specify goals to build various different types of housing: market housing (built by developers for sale on the open property market), affordable housing (built to a relatively low price and offered, for example, partly for rent and partly for sale), social housing which is owned by housing associations to rent them cheaply to households, market rented housing. The OCOPOMO policy model support policy analysts in determining key factors affecting the success of planning regulation in the wider economic climate and foster dialogue with stakeholders.

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