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If your company or consultancy in the area of policy making is interested in one or several of the following:

  • - Collaborative decision making
  • - Rule-based, declarative agent design and simulation
  • - (internal) policy making, and particularly the definition of strategies
  • - The impact of corporate social responsibility programs on surrounding environments and in the involvement and engagement of consumers in corporate projects

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Our configurable ICT toolbox supports scenario building and policy modelling with the involvement of stakeholders. Contact us to know more about the project or to arrange business visits


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Leaflet and poster

1st OCOPOMO poster and leaflet


The video briefly presents the objectives and activities of the OCOPOMO project.

Storyboard before and after OCOPOMO

Here are examples of how OCOPOMO can change decision-making in  real life contexts

Discover OCOPOMO...

The main expected outcome of OCOPOMO is the implementation and proof of concept of a configurable modular ICT toolbox to support complex socio-economic policy making
OCOPOMO can support companies in decision making and its toolbox can broaden the portfolio of consultancy services.
Making it happen in real life contexts
Here you will find OCOPOMO presentations given at various occasions. You can ask us presentations given to business people.
OCOPOMO is issuing newsletters on a regular basis (every 6 months). We invite you to stay tuned and consult our newsletters.
Here you can find the public deliverables developed by the OCOPOMO consortium along the project runtime.
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