D 3.2 Community and Constituency Building Report Year 2

This deliverable documents how the project addressed the fragmentation of research communities, as well as the fragmentation caused by different disciplines. The second period’s report shows evidences of the growing of the common network where researchers and practitioners from different disciplines and countries interact. The means for interaction and collaboration have been conferences and workshops, PhD colloquia, webinars, discussions in LinkedIn and the development of a book with contributions from project partners as well as community members of distinct disciplinary backgrounds (in collaboration with WP 4). This way, the objectives of the work package in the overall project - to engage all stakeholder groups to work together in exchanging ideas and information – has been reached successfully. The report at hand provides an overview of activities and performance measurements to indicate the growing o the community.

D3_2_Community_and_Constituency_Building v1.1.pdf — PDF document, 1018 kB (1043116 bytes)