Policy Practice and Digital Science—Integrating Complex Systems, Social Simulation and Public Administration in Policy Research

Marijn Janssen, Maria A. Wimmer, Ameneh Deljoo (Eds). Policy Practice and Digital Science – Integrating Complex Systems, Social Simulaton and Public Administration in Policy Research. Series „Public Administration and Information Technology” (edited by Chris Reddick), Springer Verlag: Berlin et al (to appear)

The book aims to give a comprehensive overview and insights into various developments in the field and from different disciplines, covering the whole policy making cycle. The book covers a wide range of aspects for social and professional networking and multidisciplinary constituency building along the axes of technology, participative processes, governance, policy modelling, social simulation and visualisation as well as comparisons between them.

Nineteen chapters are organised in sections as follows (table of contents):

  • Preface by the Project Officer, Athanassios Chrissafis, European Commission
  • Introduction
    • Chapter 1: Introduction to Policy Making in the Digital Age, by Marijn Janssen and Maria A. Wimmer
  • Foundations
    • Chapter 2: Educating Public Administrators and Policy Analysts in the Era of Informatics, by Chris Koliba and Asim Zia
    • Chapter 3: The Quality of Social Simulation: An Example from Research Policy Modelling, by Petra Ahrweiler and Nigel Gilbert
    • Chapter 4: Policy Making and Modelling in a Complex World, by Wander Jager and Bruce Edmonds
    • Chapter 5: From Building a Model to Adaptive Robust Decision-Making Using Systems Modelling, by Erik Pruyt
    • Chapter 6: Peculiarities and Value-Add of Simulation Models of Distinct Modelling Approaches Supporting Policy Making: A Comparative Analysis, by Dragana Majstorovic, Maria A. Wimmer, Roy Lay-Yee, Peter Davis and Petra Ahrweiler
    • Chapter 7: A Comparative Analysis of Tools and Technologies for Policy Makin, by Eleni Kamateri, Eleni Panopoulou, Efthimios Tambouris, Konstantinos Tarabanis, Adegboyega Ojo, Deirdre Lee, David Price
  • Social Aspects, Stakeholders and Values
    • Chapter 8: Value Sensitive Design of Complex Product Systems, by Andreas Ligtvoet, Geerten van de Kaa, Theo Fens, Cees van Beers, Paulien Herder and Jeroen van den Hoven
    • Chapter 9: Stakeholder Engagement in Policy Development: Observations and Lessons from International Experience, by Natalie Helbig, Sharon Dawes, Zamira Dzhusupova, Bram Klievink and Catherine G. Mkude
    • Chapter 10: Values in Computational Models Revalued: The Influence of Designing Computational Models on Public Decision-Making Processes, by Rebecca Moody and Lasse Gerrits
    • Chapter 11: The Psychological Drivers of Bureaucracy: Protecting the Societal Goals of an Organization, by Tjeerd Andringa
    • Chapter 12: Active and Passive Crowdsourcing in Government, by Euripidis Loukis and Yannis Charalabidis
  • Policy, Collaboration and Games
    • Chapter 13: Management of Complex Systems: Towards Agent-Based Gaming for Policy, by Wander Jager and Gerben van der Vegt
    • Chapter 14: The Role of Micro-Simulation in the Development of Public Policy, by Roy Lay-Yee and Gerry Cotterell
    • Chapter 15: Visual Decision Support for 378 Policy-Making—Advancing Policy Analysis with Visualization, by Tobias Ruppert, Jens Dambruch, Michel Krämer, Tina Balke, Marco Gavanelli, Stefano Bragaglia, Federico Chesani, Michela Milano and Jörn Kohlhammer
  • Applications and Practices
    • Chapter 16: Analysis of Five Policy Cases in the Field of Energy Policy, by Dominik Bär, Maria A. Wimmer, Jozef Glova, Anastasia Papazafeiropoulou and Laurence Brooks
    • Chapter 17: Challenges to Policy-Making in Developing Countries and the Roles of Emerging Tools, Methods and Instruments—Experiences from Saint Petersburg, by Lyudmila Bershadskaya, Andrei Chugunov and Dmitrii Trutnev
    • Chapter 18: Sustainable Urban Development, Governance and Policy: A Comparative Overview of EU Policies and Projects, by Diego Navarra, Simona Milio, and Isabel Canto de Loura
    • Chapter 19: E-participation, Simulation Exercise and Leadership Training in Nigeria: Bridging the Digital Divide, by Tanko Ahmed


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