Comparative Analysis of Technology Frameworks

by Sehl Mellouli, University Laval, Canada; Jamal Shanin, Karim Hamza, Free University Brussels, Belgium. Abstract: Most of the frameworks concerned by policy making analysis and policy modelling, are spread across multidiscipline sciences like public policy; political science, computer science and social sciences. Frameworks address general forms of theoretical analysis, by identifying the elements and general relationships among different components and provide a general set of variables that can be used to analyse specific arguments. These elements can include: governance structure; policy process; stakeholders; and institutions structure. It also uses different political models and technological tools, to analyse or explain or predict specific political behaviour. So far there is no standard categorization or classification for these frameworks, in order to compare them. And with the growing development in the governance and technology concepts, there is a rising need to develop categorization criteria able to classify frameworks concerned by policy making analysis and policy. This chapter will go through the main frameworks used in understanding the policy making process, in order to make a general classification of these frameworks.

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