File Newsletter no. 6

January 2015: This newsletter informs about a public expert consultation on grand challenges of research in ICT-supported public governance and policy modelling, a book and special issue on policy research as well as current and upcoming events supporting community building across disciplines...

File Newsletter no. 5

November 2014: This Newsletter informs about the development of grand challenges of research and of community building and dissemination activities along tGov 2014, IFIP EGOV 2014, ICEGOV 2014 and EGOSE 2014.

File Newsletter no. 4

April 2014: This Newsletter informs about the mission statement and value add of the community, about visionary scenarios scoping ICT solutions for governance and policy modelling, and about nine comparative analyses performed.

File Newsletter no. 3

January 2014: This Newsletter informs about eGovPoliNet's presence at IFIP EGOV and IFIP ePart conferences in autumn 2013, further development of the knowledge portal and the book project entitled "Policy Practice and Digital Science - Integrating Complex Systems, Social Simulation and Public Administration in Policy Research".

File Newsletter no. 2

June 2012: This Newsletter informs about dissemination activities of eGovPoliNet partners including the engagement in tGov 2012. It also informs about the liaison with Crossover.

File Newsletter no. 1

November 2011: The first Newsletter introduces eGovPoliNet's objectives, different dissemination activities the project will pursue, and the presence on the Internet.