Grand Challenges of Research published

After an online consultation with experts of the policy community, the five grand challenges of research on ICT-supported governance and policy modelling are published.

In alignment with the National Science Foundation (NSF)'s definition, we understand grand challenges as „fundamental problems of science and engineering, with broad applications, whose solutions would be enabled by“ (cf. NSF) the exploitation of innovative ICT. Resolving these grand challenges needs the combined efforts of various social and technical disciplines, such as electronic government, information systems, complex systems, public administration & policy research, social simulation and computer science in order to address the research challenges on ICT-supported governance and policy modelling.

eGovPoliNet developed the following five grand challenges:

  • Data and information characteristics and use
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Citizen and stakeholder engagement
  • Government capabilities and legitimacy
  • Translating research results into policy actions and support

The grand challenges are described along abstract, the challenges to be faced, and innovations and wider impact expected. A set of recommendations to different policy actors (funding agencies, policy makers, policy operators, the research community) for how to successfully tackle these grand challenges complement the descriptions and technical report D 4.3.


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