The following activities is conducted to achieve the Policy Community's objectives:

  • Establish a dynamic network of researchers and practitioners
  • Encourage international community building of relevant stakeholders working in relevant areas
  • Encourage multidisciplinary constituency building
  • Expansion of social networking and Web 2.0, as well as exploiting mass cooperation platforms for networking stakeholders (academics, industry, governments, and designated NGO’s)
  • Identifying new tools and technologies, concepts and approaches, good and bad practices which help addressing complex societal issues and providing findings at the knowledge portal in order to
    • improve prediction of policy measures impacts, i.e. improved management can be developed when knowledge on the complex dynamics of social complex systems is available,
    • take behavioural and societal aspects into account in policy design,
    • improve the link between the public and policy makers,
    • increase trust and acceptance of the citizens,
    • make government more simple and user-oriented,
    • make government more interconnected, and
    • overcome current linguistic and cultural barriers
  • Efficient collection of feedback from public sector organisations on the contents provided by the eGovPoliNet portal